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Zophia's Place is a wellness studio that will offer ice baths, infrared sauna, red light, and other wellness focused services. It is the first of its kind in Sebastian, Florida bringing wellness to the people.


At Zophia's Place, we're more than just a wellness destination; we're a family-driven endeavor committed to enhancing your health and vitality. Founded by a dynamic father-daughter duo -it's a local family business-our passion for wellness and biohacking fuels every aspect of our operation. As a veteran-owned business, we bring compassion, integrity, and a deep commitment to serving our community. From innovative red light and infrared sauna therapy to invigorating ice baths, we offer a holistic approach to wellness that empowers you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.

A little about Adam: 

As an Army veteran, I've faced challenges head-on, including disability. As a single father, I couldn't rely on drugs or surgery, so I embraced alternative therapies like ice baths, saunas, and red-light therapy to reclaim my health. When I'm not rebuilding Harleys or enjoying outdoor activities like fishing, I'm cherishing every moment as a devoted father to my daughter, proving that being the best 'girl dad' is the greatest adventure of all.

A little about Zophia:

When I'm not busy helping you on your wellness journey, you can find me kicking it on the soccer field, exploring the great outdoors while camping, experimenting in art, playing around on computers, or lost in the world of writing. With six years of diving into icy waters and learning from the masters of chill, we've crafted a sanctuary where cold plunge therapy meets the warm glow of red light and the soothing embrace of infrared sauna sessions. Welcome to a space where wellness isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle. At our center, we believe in the power of contrast—cooling down to fire up your vitality.

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